SendPrinted Prices

    To pay for your print you will be asked to purchase print credits when you place your order. The cost of each piece of literature is displayed below. All costs include, print, P&P and VAT:


    What’s included?

    Unlike many online services – we don’t just give you a username and password, then expect you to muddle through! Instead, we provide a personalised, hand-holding service designed to streamline the whole process. We take care of everything for you, here’s a reminder of what’s included:

    • We setup your mailing and import your literature artwork
    • We create a web button so visitors can request printed info
    • We give you your first order for FREE to test the system
    • We email you whenever a visitor requests printed info
    • We provide you with your own management system
    • We print your literature on-demand to the highest quality
    • We post your literature within 24 hours of receipt of order